Tips to Get your Children Outside and Active


Looking for “Tips to Get your Children Outside and Active”?

Children today have access to a range of difference devices, which include; tablets, smartphones and games consoles. These devices can at times make it hard to get your children up and out the house doing activities. Apps like Pokemon Go have been great in getting children out the house, but these games can be very costly. So what can a parent do? and how can they get their children to be active?


1. Have Fun

Make sure that you remember to have fun. Yes, you can go do exercise but think about how to make it fun. Maybe go for a walk and turn it into a fun adventure. Tell your children you’re going on the hunt for fairies or get them to find things that you can bring home for a craft project. That way you have an activity for when you get home.



2. Work Together

You want to encourage your child to be more active, but are you doing the same? Lead by example and join in. Pick an activity such as football or jogging, that you can do together. This can help to form a bond with your child as well as getting you out into the fresh air.



3. Get Out

Take your children to the park or to a playground. These are the best places for families to go. It encourages your children to interact with other children.



4. Dress the Part

Don’t let the rain or snow stop you from going out. As long as you’re dressed the part there is no need to stay inside.



5. Let them Use their Imagination

Children get bored it’s inevitable. A child could have all the toys in the world and they’d still get bored after a while and that’s okay. Get your child to use their imagination and find an activity for themselves.



6. Invent a Game

Why not create your own game. It could be an entirely new game or a reinvention of a classic game. Perhaps you could take a classic game and give it a new theme and change the rules slightly. It’s perfect for getting your children’s imagination to run wild.

There are a range of activities you can do. Just use your imagination and get outside.