Pets can help children accept the challenges of foster care

Children come into care for a range of reasons. Many children and young people who come into care have experienced neglect, hurt, loss and suffering. They may not have had a positive family environment or positive relationships. Children need safety, stability and hope to help them with their development and well-being. When their needs are not met in can make them anxious and fearful. 

That is where foster carers come in, they are there to help the child. They help guide the child to build positive relationships and to see what a positive family environment is. Sometimes foster children don't feel comfortable opening up because of the negative experiences in the past. It has been shown that in these circumstances pets can help. A recent studying has shown that pets can help children, people with disabilities and older people. The study involved eight children in foster who were placed with families who had a dog. Some of the children said they felt more comfortable being closer to the animals.  


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