Learning and development with Anchor…

Welcome to your learning and development page. Take a look around and read more about how we approach training and support for new and existing foster parents.

Our approach


“An engaging, informative and well-presented course.”

We have just completed the ‘Skills to Foster’ course with Anchor. Despite the current Covid situation, Anchor had managed to transfer their usual classroom-based training online.
With an un-phased approach, the combined personalities, experience and enthusiasm of Anchor staff collectively delivered an engaging, informative and well-presented virtual Skills to Foster course. Logging on twice weekly over three weeks we covered case studies, encouraged discussion, impromptu quizzes and tests.
Thank you all again for your expertise and support, not to mention our rounded and invaluable training!

High-quality support is at the heart of all that we do

We believe that foster parents should be provided with the highest quality of learning, development, and support to enable them to provide exceptional care to the children and young people they look after. Anchor’s learning and development programme aims to create a learning environment where foster parents are provided with opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills through a comprehensive free learning and development programme and therapeutic support groups.

We know that not everyone has the same learning style and availability, therefore, Anchor offers a range of learning methods accommodating different learning styles and routines.

These include:

  • Face-to-face (Classroom) courses
  • Virtual (Zoom) courses
  • Hundreds of e-learning courses available through anchor.fosteringtraining.com which can be completed at the pace and time to suit you.
  • Therapeutic support groups
  • Social events – such as coffee hangouts and ‘Men Who Foster’ groups where you can network and learn from other foster parents.