Define a fostering career that suits you 

There are many options to choose from in fostering. Whether it’s short or long-term, specialist or respite care, you choose. 

Just like children, no placement type is the same  

The requirements of a child needing care will vary greatly from situation to situation and that’s why we offer a range of placement options, to help accommodate those needs.  

 As a foster parent you can select which placement options suit you best, and in time you may wish to do more placement types or specialise in a particular area. It’s completely up to you. 




"The best part for me of having a parent and baby placement is seeing a change.

“I work with Parent and Child and Teenage girl placements. I choose to work specifically with them as I am a single female carer living on my own. Parent and Child can be hard as I am in my 60s. Having a newborn baby in the house can be a bit of a shock. But the best part for me of having a parent and baby placement is seeing a change. It’s such a great feeling. It’s very rewarding helping the mother and knowing that they can go on to be independent.”

Types of foster care  

This is an overview of the types of placements we offer.


“Our team is always here to listen and advise wherever is needed.”

“During the assessment phase, a member of our team will come to discuss placements and matching with you.

“We know that those who are new to fostering are sometimes unsure of the best placement for them. That’s why our team are always here to listen and advise wherever needed.”

How do I choose what’s right for me?

This decision can seem overwhelming, but this is where our experienced placement officers can help. They will work with you to determine your key skills, personality and other personal preferences and provide appropriate options for you to select from.  

Often, our families begin thinking they want a particular type of placement but then end up switching to something different later. You can discuss your preferences with us at any point. 



A rewarding career

Fostering is a career that is rewarding in both senses of the word. As well as a competitive allowance for the work they do, our foster parents also benefit from generous support to help them deliver the best possible care.