Earn up to £1,200 a week plus priceless rewards 

We offer generous financial support because we know being a foster parent is a big job that deserves huge recognition.  

Find out how much YOU could earn with Anchor


Ms A earns £59,500 a year

Ms A is a Parent and Child foster parent and she earns up to £59,500 a year with Anchor. She benefits from the generous tax relief scheme, but more than anything she loves the flexibility and reward she gets from a career in foster care.

Could you apply? 

If you have a spare room, are over 21 and have a right to work in the UK, you could be earning up to £62,400 a year as a foster parent with Anchor.

What’s more, Anchor offers comprehensive support to all foster parents at the assessment stage, and throughout their time with us.  

So, as well as benefiting from generous allowances, you’ll also get extensive training, both face-to-face and online, helping you gain new skills and enhance your existing ones.


Rewards for a job well done

Allowance of £21,300 per child, per year

Fostering allowances can start from £21,300 per year per child and rise to as much as £62,400, making it a financially attractive and rewarding career option.

Generous tax relief

Due to the generous tax relief scheme (Qualifying Care Relief), you’ll keep a lot of the money received in Professional Fees, compared to a PAYE role.

Earn for each child you foster

As well as generous foster allowances, you’ll also receive an income or ‘Professional Fee’ for each child you foster.

Paid respite

Just like full time equivalent positions, you’ll get paid holiday, in the form of respite holiday. We pay up to 25 days a year at your Professional Fee rate.

Foster parents are advised, normally by email, of the fostering allowance payments shortly following the start of a placement. A fee breakdown will also be explained to you during the assessment phase.  

  • Pocket money & telephone money per child 
  • Summer holiday allowance per child  
  • Allowance, per child, for Christmas gifts  
  • Clothing allowance 
  • Money for local travel and school trips  
  • Birthday contributions.  

We celebrate Birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, sending flowers and gifts in recognition of all our parents. In addition, we also offer you:  

  • A thank you reward of £1,000, for referring new foster parents to Anchor 
  • Membership of The Fostering Network, including legal protection insurance cover, for all foster parents 
  • Membership of CoramBAAF (British Association for Adoption and Fostering), also providing professional, legal and financial advice 
  • Professional development opportunities.  



Start making a difference in as little as FOUR months!  

Once you start an application with us, the assessment process to become a foster parent can take between 4-6 months to complete (or slightly less if you are transferring from another agency).  

This means you could start making a real difference in as little as 16 weeks.