We’ve got learning and development built in

When you join Anchor you’ll not only learn how to be an exceptional foster parent, but you’ll also develop your skills.

Comprehensive training & support offered to all

Supporting you, supporting them

Many of the children and young people that come into care have suffered from separation, loss or abuse, and may not even understand why they are in care. And that’s just one of the reasons why training is so important. As well as being offered expert training throughout your time with Anchor, you’ll also be supported by your supervising social worker and the professional fostering and therapy teams at Anchor. Our aim is that you feel confident and competent to build your skills, while being supported by a network of experts.


Here to help you excel 

Every one of our foster parents gets comprehensive pre and post approval training tailored to their needs. We are proud of our training approach because we believe it is unique in the way it encourages and supports individualised learning and development.  

All our foster parents are hugely involved in our non-mandatory training programme, and they help us decide what is relevant and beneficial for their development journey. 

What training is included?

We provide a top-quality comprehensive training schedule including mandatory training, plus a variety of specialist training, locally and free of charge to all our foster parents. 

Prior to foster parent approval, and during the assessment phase, foster parents complete three days of training, including: 

  • Skills to Foster 
  • The Role of the Foster Parent
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding 


Post approval, we offer our TCIF (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Families) training to all parents to help you manage child behaviours effectively. There is also other mandatory training after approval, which includes first aid and safeguarding courses. 

There is a periodic renewal of training and additional specialist training is provided as required.   



“I am very happy being on team Anchor and feel 'ultra' supported.”

“I am very happy being on team Anchor and feel ‘ultra’ supported. Anchor was recommended to me by my close friends and has always been there for me. I love all the free training, it’s second to none. Being a smaller agency, they are like an extension to my family. We are often told that we are doing a great job as foster carers, and that makes us feel special and important to them.”

A highly personalised serviced service 

We celebrate Birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, sending flowers and gifts in recognition of all our parents. In addition to this and a whole host of professional training, we also:  

  • Provide generous fostering allowances of up to £1,200 per week   
  • Assign a dedicated Supervising Social Worker who will visit, support and attend meetings with you and contact you regularly 
  • Pay your membership to The Fostering Network, providing you with insurance, legal advice and other support services  
  • Provide regular support groups and foster parent socials and community activities, helping you stay connected 
  • Run regular children’s activity groups during half term, holiday and seasonal periods  
  • Offer you up to 25 days paid respite care a year 
  • Offer 24/7 support for the management of difficult situations from an on duty social worker or manager.