A guide to transferring with Anchor 

We’re excited for you to join our fostering community. Here’s everything you need to know.

More support, more training, more investment...


“We really did our homework when considering who to transfer to...”

“We were existing foster carers and we wished to transfer to another. We really did our homework when considering who to transfer to and we thoroughly interrogated Anchor prior to deciding to join them. We were so impressed with what we found.”

What can I expect?

Some people transfer to Anchor because they love our family-focused approach, while others appreciate the high-levels of support we provide. No matter your reasons for joining us, you can expect a smooth transition that’s simple and pain free. 


Getting started

The process for transferring to us, couldn’t be simpler! Here’s our four-step guide: 

1. The first stage is to contact our experienced recruitment coordinators and let them know of your desire to transfer. 

2. You’ll then need to inform your agency of your intention to transfer.

3. A transfer meeting will then take place; formalising the process and to ensure the welfare of any children in your care is maintained. 

4. Following the transfer meeting, our assessment process will then begin. This follows the same steps as our process for new parents but is often shorter for transfers.



Speak to our friendly team


“We cannot praise/recommend Anchor enough. They are simply wonderful.”

“We have been so impressed [with Anchor]; they hold local events for fostering families to be a part of, they provide additional support freely. They are very sensitive to the needs of the children/young people and the carers and will respond readily and accordingly.”

Your questions answered

If you’re thinking of transferring to Anchor, and you’ve got a question not answered by the FAQs below, then contact the team today.