Considering a move? Consider Anchor.  

No matter your reason for transferring, we’re here and ready to help you build more incredible futures.

Find out why foster parents choose us...


“Anchor has given us all the support we need and more."

“The transfer process was brilliant and done very quickly. Anchor kept us informed at all stages of the process. They’ve delivered on all their promises and we have never looked back.”

Why Anchor?

There are many different reasons why foster parents transfer from other agencies to Anchor. However, one of the most popular reasons cited to us over the years is the high level of support we offer to our foster parents. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering more support and better training than a standard Independent Fostering Agency.  

As a not-for-profit organisation, our primary focus isn’t on profits but instead the re-investment of high-quality foster care. Offering 24/7 support, comprehensive training, and individualised care plans, our goal is always to ensure the very best outcomes for both foster parent and child.  



What it’s like to be an Anchor foster parent? 

We offer every one of our foster parents personalised support, professional training and development opportunities. We also arrange specialist training for more complex behaviours, complex disabilities, parent and child and other specialist placements. 

 In addition to this, we also offer:   

  • Up to 25 days’ paid respite 
  • 24/7 support  
  • Summer activities for both foster and birth children 
  • Membership to The Fostering Network 
  • Regular support groups 
  • Seasonal activities for children 
  • Acknowledgement of special occasions, such as birthdays and achievements.

How do I make the right choice?

If you’re already with an agency or Local Authority a change might seem daunting, and this is where our experienced Recruitment Coordinators can help. They will explore your current situation and explain how Anchor’s approach might ease some of the challenges you are facing. They can also talk you through different placement options, which might not be currently available to you.  

Whether you end-up choosing Anchor or not, we’re here and ready to chat informally and in confidence to help you make the right decision.  



Q: Can I move while I’m fostering a child?

A: You have the right to switch fostering agencies at any time, even if you are fostering a child or young person with an Independent Fostering Agency or Local Authority. The most important thing in these instances is to ensure the welfare of the children or young people is maintained and the transition is smooth.  

If you’re interested in knowing more about transferring to Anchor, then it’s best to first contact us and arrange an informal chat with one of our experienced Recruitment Coordinators. Our team will also ensure your existing terms are maintained and support is in place to help the child through the transition too.

The transfer process


“We cannot praise/recommend Anchor enough. They are simply wonderful.”

“We have been so impressed [with Anchor]; they hold local events for fostering families to be a part of, they provide additional support freely. They are very sensitive to the needs of the children/young people and the carers and will respond readily and accordingly.”

Your questions answered

If you’re thinking of transferring to Anchor, it’s likely you’ll have many unanswered questions. Below are some popular ones we’re often asked, but please contact us if you need more support.