What can a child or young person expect from Anchor?

Our mission and commitment is to the children in our care. If you’re one of them, find out what that means to you.

Here's everything you need to know


Anchor is a Not-For-Profit agency

This means we only care about providing the best care rather than making a profit. Because that’s they way it should be, shouldn’t it?


Your success is our success as an agency

That’s why we value your wellbeing and achievements during your stay with us.

At Anchor Foster Care, our focus is on you. We work hard to make sure you are with the right family.

We talk to many people who want to foster. Before anyone can become a foster parent, he or she must pass our checks to ensure they can look after you. We also make sure that they like children and have some previous experience. Once a person becomes a foster parent, our team, work to make sure we match you with the right family.