A better foster experience for all  

As a not-for-profit agency, we’re set up to offer the best support to foster parents, so every child can get the strongest possible start in life.

Our focus has never been on making a profit


"They are so family orientated!"

“Children are the most important to Anchor. I love working for this agency!”

(Respondent – Anchor Foster Carer Survey)

For us, it’s a no-brainer 

Our decision to run an independent, not-for-profit fostering agency represents our efforts to make a long-lasting, positive change to social care provision in the UK.  

By prioritising services that are wholly child-centred and that offer more support to foster parents, we will achieve a better outcome for all.  

For our foster parents this means a higher level of service from our experienced Supervising Social Workers plus generous fostering allowances. And for the children we care for our approach means a much happier, more stable, and hopeful childhood.



How selecting a not-for-profit agency helps you

More continuity

We invest in getting the right staff and supporting their wellbeing. This means better caseload management and improved staff retention.

In turn, this provides better continuity for both foster parents and children, and ultimately, a better experience for everyone.

Better placement matching

By recruiting more foster parents we achieve a much better ‘match’ between foster parent and child. We personalise placements so a child’s individual needs can be met, and this creates better relationships and ensures more positive experiences and outcomes for the children in our care.

First class learning & development

Keeping up to date is a key part of making sure our service remains high-quality. We invest heavily in training and devote time to completing research and seeking feedback from our families, to ensure excellent experiences for all.

Foster families are in decline  

The number of foster parents has declined across England, according to recent statistics from Ofsted*. This is compounding an already difficult situation, where the number of homes required to accommodate vulnerable children, continues to rise.  

Foster parents’ experience and expertise are crucial, and we need them more than ever right now. That’s why supporting our foster parents is our number one priority – because we know meeting our foster parents’ needs is the key to meeting this demand.  

With a first-class assessment process, regular training sessions, plus access to a supportive community and other resources we give our foster parents everything they need to care for a child and help them thrive. 



Choosing the right agency


"A focus on profits by larger public companies could lead to a cutback in child-centric provisions”

“What we’ve seen during the last few years is a distinct trend toward the takeover of smaller agencies by larger public companies. With a requirement to generate profits for shareholders, this could mean cutbacks on services or less child-centric provisions. As a not-for-profit we’re vehemently committed to reinvestment in the business. This means we offer the best service and work to achieve the best outcome for looked-after-children.”

How do you know what’s right for you?

Getting the right agency can mean the difference between a long and happy career in fostering or not. But, with so many options, how can you know you’re selecting the correct one for you?  

Here are five questions which we believe a prospective foster parent should ask an agency to help them determine whether an agency is right for them:

  • How much pressure are the support staff under; do I think they will have enough time to support me? 
  • What areas do the agency invest in, and what areas have they cut back on? 
  • What are the fostering caseloads like and what relationships do they have with Local Authorities?  
  • Do shareholders receive dividends regardless of whether the company is in profit? 
  • What are their fostering values, and do I feel like I fit in with the ‘team’? 



Hear from one of our foster families:

“The support [Anchor offer] cannot be faulted. Everything they promised has been given and you never feel as if you are on your own.”

“The training has been an eye-opener and like liquid gold to us. It challenges your views, explains why things do and don’t work and offers strategies on how to deal with situations. It is very rewarding when you see the changes in a child.”