We do foster care, but not as you know it 

We’re not your usual fostering agency. Find out more about our child-centred approach and family-focused service.  

Our mission is to provide more vulnerable children with safety, stability and hope


“Being a not-for-profit makes us different”

“For us to make a long-lasting and positive change to social care provision in the UK we believe every penny we have should go into doing just that. Not making profits. With more investment in services, we offer foster parents more support and more benefits, while our looked after children have access to more opportunities which make for a happier, more stable and more hopeful childhood.”


Hello, we’re Anchor.  

Anchor Foster Care is a family-run not-for-profit fostering agency, run and operated by a team of people all dedicated to improving the outcomes of children and young people in care.  

We believe we can do this by providing safety, stability and hope to all, which is a philosophy and approach that underpins every aspect of our service delivery and practice. 



Our approach

At Anchor, we believe that high quality care and support is essential for giving every young person the best possible start in life.  

This means working closely with foster families, offering 24/7 support, comprehensive training, and individualised care plans, to ensure the very best outcomes for both foster parent and child.  

But that’s not all. Our child-centred approach also ensures everyone has a say about the service they receive. Children can provide feedback and are actively encouraged to call our office at any time, if they want to talk to someone. 



Why choose Anchor? 

We know that to ensure the very best possible fostering experience, we must provide foster parents with the same level of support as our young people. As well as this, we offer a great range of benefits and training to suit your needs. 


Ofsted approved and operating across the UK

Anchor Foster Care is an independent, not-for-profit fostering agency, rated GOOD by Ofsted.